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A new kind of Professional Network model where the talent is the priority.

For the talent - Monetize your network while you advance your career.

For companies - Crowdsourcing recruitment through referrals is cheaper, faster and gets better candidates.

For Recruiters - A new channel to monetize your know how.


Users and Growing

What we are building

Job Board

We're revolutionizing recruiting through gamification. We equip you with the tools to build a reputation and create bounty-based referrals.

Profesional Network

With validated and gamified profiles for talent, you can create dynamic resumes and profiles to attract top recruiters.

Curated news feed

Our intelligent, professional news feed is built on tokenization technology.

Education market place

Stay ahead of the curve with gamified educational materials. You can build and validate your proprietary skills with our certification mechanisms.

How to get started


Bondex App

We're on a mission to create the most compelling, engaging, and rewarding talent network in existence.

The Bondex app takes you one step closer with its innovative gamified system that rewards users for building their professional identities and recruiting new members into our global community.

Learn More about the Talent Revolution

Our Lite Paper is the summary overview of Bondex, including key features, tokenomics, roadmap, and go-to-market.

Decentralized talent will modernize hiring and enable transparency and trust. Anyone from anywhere can exchange skills and time with global businesses for work, money, and economic benefits.

Global talent fulfills the skill gaps, decreasing unemployment and helping the global economy.

Join the Talent Revolution!