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Advance your career in the most exciting industries with Bondex’s Decentralized Talent (DeTal) protocol, where users are empowered to Network, Learn, Refer, Hire and Work to Earn.

Control your data

Find opportunities

Add value to the network

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How it works


Create a professional profile

  • The more complete the professional identity, the better the matching to opportunities.
  • Tell us all your preferences.


Contribute to the network to boost your reputation

  • Expand your network by Inviting your friends.
  • Pursue opportunities and advance your career.
  • Make referrals to opportunities on Bondex to earn bounties.
  • Enhance your profile with skill and credential validation.
  • Update your professional journey and learnings regularly.
  • Include your socials and communities (NFTs, DAOs, darning).
  • Add project samples.


Be rewarded for the value you bring

  • All engagement is tracked through reputation and rewarded with BNDX tokens.
  • BNDX tokens are governance and revenue sharing tokens empowering the upside for valuable users.
  • Work hard and smart with Bondex, a next gen Professional Network.