Bondex is a next-generation, Web 3.0 talent ecosystem built by combining a talent network & marketplace partly owned by its community of users through tokenized rewards. Our priority is finding the best people, helping them make connections, and finding the right work opportunities.

Our Executives

Ignacio Palomera



Kyle Kuhem



Martin Eyries



Our Marketing Team

Eduardo Fonnegra

Eduardo. F

VP of Marketing

John Gospel


Community Manager

Diana Ruiz


Graphic Designer



Social Media Manager

Our Development Team

Octavian Cimpu


Lead Android Software Engineer

Filip Miladinovic


Lead iOS Software Engineer

Rafael Acevedo


QA/QC Specialist

Jasim Muhammad


Fullstack Software Developer

Mohamed Aljamil


Back - end Developer

Our Product Team

Eduardo Rodriguez


Product Manager


Ignacio is the CEO of Bondex, focusing on the company’s strategy, operations, and execution.

Previously he was the co-founder and chief strategy officer at Xpert Network, an AI recruitment company, and part of the Teknavo Group.

He was also the COO of Texit industries, a media & entertainment private equity focusing on film financing. Ignacio is a seasoned strategic leader with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Talent as a Service, Investment Banking, and Finance.

Ignacio began his career in M&A advisory at HSBC in London. He is passionate about creating new business models and challenging the status quo, loves exercising, and is obsessed with cinema.

He has a BA in finance and international business from the University of Georgia where he held the Hope Scholarship.

Kyle Kuehm

An engineer at heart and an entrepreneur through trial by fire. Kyle Kuehm started coding at the age of 11. At 18, Kyle joined the U.S. 

Army as an active-duty Counter Intelligence Agent. In 2016, Kyle was critical in facilitating the growth of his client from 9,000 to 3 million subscribers within six months and, subsequently, was made a partner of the company within two months. 

After a successful exit, Kyle founded and co-founded several companies focused around blockchain and AI technologies. Most recently, Kyle has worked as a Chief Architect at Stacked, a FinTech startup playing key roles during the Series A funding round of $35 million. Previously Kyle co-founded crypto fintech company Bullpay with the vision of providing secure blockchain interactions with regulatory compliance. 

While at BullPay, he developed an enterprise-grade layer 2 solution to service over 150 across 5 primary layer 1s. Kyle has been in the blockchain space for over six years. He currently resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and his two huskies.


Martin previously led operations and sales at, an HR Tech Silicon Valley startup where he piloted the company’s expansion into new markets.

Over the last five years, Martin has focused on high-growth tech companies while holding positions at Silver Lake, Goldman Sachs, and BCG. 

Martin is a passionate engineer with excellent business acumen. He holds an MBA from MIT and MSc in Engineering from ICAI / IIT.

Eduardo Fonnegra

Eduardo is the VP of Marketing and Communications at Bondex. Eduardo has worked in various spaces such as AI, Real Estate, Crowdfunding, and Blockchain & Crypto for over 3+ years. 

With a working experience with, a big name in the crowdfunding space, has successfully raised over 133 million dollars for various projects in the blockchain space.

 He is passionate about culture, sales, recruiting, and all of the other subtle human elements of business. 

Eduardo loves leading teams and delights in creating sophisticated technology solutions with an eye on design and user experience.

John Gospel

John Gospel is a Community Manager with over 2+ years of experience in community building. He is in charge of developing and implementing our community engagement and growth strategies.With over 3+ years of experience in copywriting and content creation, John leads the company’s communications and manages feedback with our community through curated and published text or voice content on Telegram and Discord.

Diana Ruiz

Motion Graphic Designer with more than 3 years of experience working in different companies and advertising agencies, creating designs, motion graphics and VFX in post-production for different formats.

Daniells Fabian

Social media marketer with more than four years of experience collaborating with marketing agencies and different types of startups.

Creativity and data analysis are his strength when working with Bondex. Strategist, innovative and social media Rockstar.

Octavian Cimpu

Octavian-George Cimpu is a senior software engineer with the Bondex technology team responsible for developing Bondex android mobile products and brings over eleven years of experience in technical and project management.

He recently managed a large engineering team at a sizeable European bank that successfully implemented a production app that over 2 million active users use.

Octavian holds an MSc in Engineering from Transylvanian University. He is proficient with Agile software development methods and in scaled agile teams.

Filip Miladinovic

Filip Miladinovic is a senior software engineer with the Bondex technology team responsible for developing Bondex IOS mobile products and bringing over ten years of technical experience within the Apple ecosystem.

His extensive IOS experience and project management within startups and more prominent enterprise companies will be very valuable to Bondex.

Filip holds a Master of Science in electrical and computer engineering, EQF Level 7, from the University of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad (Serbia). He is proficient with Swift or SwiftUI on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, and macOS); Android (Kotlin, Jetpack Compose); Server-Side Swift or Kotlin; Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

Raffael Azevedo

Raffael is a Quality Assurance engineer within the Bondex team and brings academic training in software development, bug identification, and removal.

He has strong analytical skills and holds a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, which trained him to use computational tools for complex problem-solving.

Raffael also has worked as the customer service lead at MoGi group managing a team to deliver high-quality assistance to ensure great user experiences.

He holds a Ph.D., Master’s, and Bachelor’s degree from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil.

Muhammad Jasim

Jasim leads our full-Stack development efforts.

Having launched over 15 apps, he brings vast product development experience and team-building skills to fast-paced environments.

Mohamed Aljamil

Mohamed Aljamil is a Software Engineer within the Bondex Engineering team.

He is a full-stack web developer with over ten years of experience working with e-commerce platforms, internal system integrations, and cloud infrastructures.

He is a great team player, self-starter, problem solver, and an excellent communicator with solid project management and analytical skills, a great asset to the Bondex team.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Indiana Aerospace University, Cebu, Philippines.

Eduardo Rodríguez

Eduardo Rodriguez is a Product Manager within the Bondex Product team and brings over four years of experience in software development, project planning, and implementation.

Eduardo holds a Bachelor’s in software engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a Masters in App development from Samsung Tech Institute.

He is proficient with C/C++, JAVA/Kotlin, SQL, and SWIFT programming languages.