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Build world-class teams by leveraging Decentralized Talent (DeTal). Crowdsource your recruitment process for more efficient hiring with Bondex, the leading Web 3 talent network

the right talent

Boost your reach by 10x with our superior talent marketplace.

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Strong referrals mean faster hires while lowering expenses.


Our decentralized mechanisms filter out the noise to find the top candidates first.

How it works


Create your company profile

  • The more details the better.
  • Aggregate all your social channels.
  • The more value you add to the network the more tokens can be earned.


Post a job

  • Boost your role by setting up a bounty for referrals, turning everyone into a recruiter , and expanding your reach.
  • Access a global, highly engaged , and vetted talent pool.
  • Follow our posting guidelines for better candidate matching.


Find the right talent faster and cheaper

  • Bondex filters the talent as an extra layer to ensure quality.
  • The top candidates will be shared directly to your ATS or e-mail.
  • Lowe fees and shorter hiring cycles due to innovative network incentives and revenue sharing model.